About Us

Welcome to Aqua Float and Cryo! We are the premier health, wellness, and recovery center of eastern North Carolina, located in Wilmington. Aqua Float and Cryo offers the most effective approach to maintaining whole-body wellness. We believe that the balance of a healthy mind and strong body is the key to living your best life. Our cutting-edge recovery systems will leave you feeling naturally refreshed, revitalized, and rejuvenated in both mind and body.   

What We Offer

Our services include Salt Float Tanks, Whole Body & Localized Cryotherapy, Compression Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, and Infrared Sauna.

• Whole Body Cryotherapy – Holistic and Non-Invasive. Clinical Studies on WBC have shown immediate benefits to soft tissue, internal organs, and nervous system. During a three-minute treatment, skin temperature will drop between 30 – 45® Fahrenheit. This prompts an endorphin release that has been shown to reduce joint pain and muscle inflammation. WBC has also been linked to increases in energy, better mood, and healthier sleep. You’ll feel refreshed and revitalized!